We roll out our Flag ship tutorial - Interactive SQL. In Interactive SQL, the query gets executed on the webpage itself and displays the result. Any user can modify any of the Interactive SQL queries and view the output in all the variations. Expect to see our tutorials on technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP.net, PHP etc shortly.

Usually any web or desktop application needs SQL to perform operations like save / update / delete and to retrieve data from the database. The SQL commands are common across all database applications. You can use the same syntax in almost all databases like SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL, except for minor variations. Here we are targeting TSQL of Microsoft SQL Server.

In our tutorial you will learn how to perform database operations that will be used by the user inetrface. You can design your user interface in any technology such as ASP.net, ASP, PHP etc. All these user interfaces use HTML and server side code using SQL to perform database operations.

We aim to be different and provide industry standard help that will make you visit our website often. This website can be used in your professional career as a quick reference.